SpamHound app - SMS spam blocker for Android and iPhone by Redwerk

Filtering those annoying marketing mailings, spam, advertising, and creepy strangers has just become easier with SpamHound. Especially for people whose activities are related to instant messaging and calls.

With SpamHound you can manually configure your filters in the Black- and Whitelists and easily create rules for clearing your inbox from undesired content.

Use SpamHound App
to Block SMS Spam

Ability to create an
unlimited number of filters

Flexible rules
for fine-tune filters

Blacklist for filtering

Unknown numbers

Prevent blocking
with Whitelist

Working without
internet connection

Avaliable on App Store
Avaliable on Google Play

Create Blacklists and Whitelists

Blacklist and Whitelist tabs are used to create, edit and delete filtering. Junk SMS tab stores all unwanted texts that fly under the Blacklist rules. In their turn, all texts from the Whitelist displayed in a native Messenger app.

We Care about Privacy

SpamHound does not require access to the content of your messages, ensuring your privacy and safety.

Things to Try


checks whether the incoming
message contains a particular


checks the complete match of a
criterion with the content of the
incoming message

Starts With

controls whether the incoming
message starts with a particular

Ends With

determines whether the incoming
message ends with a particular

Wild Card

allows you to use a specific syntax
to create rules

Regular Expression

allows you to create your own
rules, for example, so that all
messages containing emails will
be blocked

SpamHound SMS spam blocker menu
iPhone messages blocker SpamHound - rule details
Text message blocker app SpamHound - blacklist rules
Avaliable on App Store
Avaliable on Google Play

Get Rid of Unwanted Calls!

Block or tag spammy calls easily

Spam filter CallHound for iPhone
iPhone spam filter CallHound - Rules screen
iPhone spam filter app CallHound - Settings screen

Get Rid of Unwanted Calls!

Block or tag spammy calls easily