SpamHound FAQ

Blacklist is a set of rules that contain filters for incoming SMS / MMS messages for a sender and/or content.

For example, you want to block all messages with the word ‘taxi’. In this case, Choose Blacklist and add a rule with text and/or sender contains word ‘taxi’ and that’s it!.

Whitelist is a set of rules that contain filters for incoming SMS / MMS messages for the sender and/or content. These rules allow you to achieve accuracy in filtering and receive certain messages.

For example, you blocked all messages with the word "taxi," but you still want to receive messages with the phrase "taxi is arriving." In this case, you can add a rule to Whitelist, that unblocks messages with this phrase. You can apply Whitelist filtering rules to a sender, content or both.

A message that was allocated to spam bin can only be retrieved manually. Apple Policy doesn’t allow to restore messages with the app, even if it is applied to Whitelist rules.

  • Contains — checks whether the incoming message contains a particular word/phrase/number.
  • Equals — checks a complete match of conditions with the content of the incoming message.
  • Starts with — controls whether the incoming message starts with a particular word/phrase/number.
  • Ends with — determines whether the incoming message ends with a particular word/phrase/digit.
  • Regular expression — allows creating your own rule, for example, so that messages do not come with emails.
  • Wild card — allows you to use a specific syntax to create rules.

No, the application works offline. There’s no need in Internet connection.

Find details in "Tutorial" tab.

You don’t need to add information manually when installing the app on another device as all data is transferred via the linked accounts.

It is possible to connect several social networks to keep your data safe, but you can untie your backup using Disconnect button.

Logout in its turn is used to switch off linked social accounts.

You can validate rules in Rule checker tab.

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